The Solar Oregon Board of Directors met and welcomed three new members who were elected by the organization’s membership at the annual meeting on November 5th.

I am pleased to present the new board members to readers …

 Robert Cross  * Erin Greeson * David Petersen

To them, I say congratulations on being elected to the board of directors and welcome! 

The Board also elected new officers and I’m proud to present the executive committee:

Ron “Mac” McDowell – President

Linda Barnes – Past President

Kacia Brockman – Treasurer

Ellen Crivella – Secretary

Yep, that’s my name right there – I am the new President of Solar Oregon!!

I was honored to be selected.  Thanks to my fellow board members for your approval and encouragement.  I look forward to taking on the responsibility of the position, but I must warn you, I have a lot of energy for this organization and our mission. :-)  

Solar Oregon Leadership - Claire Carlson and El Presidente

It’s an exciting time for solar power in America. I look to Solar Oregon as more than just a stakeholder – I see us as a leader and a difference-maker. I’ll work with Claire Carlson and our great new staff to ensure that we are indeed. 

The future for Solar Oregon looks as bright as the sun, my friends.

I am your humble servant.